Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break

This spring break i had a lot to do, i had lots of family get togethers, homework, and social events with my boyfriend and friends. I didnt do as much homework as i had hoped and in the long run it made things a little more difficult for me. Atleast i spent a lot of time with family and friends. During easter me and my family do many things, its tradition to wake up in the morning to your easter baskets and have an easter breakfast or sometimes jus pig out on chocolate. The traditions dont stop ther, we clean the house a bit to prepare for the party later that nite, and the adults start preparing to cook the food for the party, early afternoon the whole family and some friends of family go to Ho'omaulahia park and have an easter egg hunt with the eggs that we made the day before, my uncle's make a carton of golden eggs and for every golden egg u find, u get a dollor, ther is one golden egg with a pink number five on it, dats the egg dats worth five dollors, i didnt find it this year, instead i found four one dollor eggs so it was a fair price to pay for not finding the five dollor egg. Afta we are done we all go back to the house and finish cooking the food, slowly all the other guests arrive and later maybe aroun seven we all say grace then feast on the table full of food, afta dat we all hang out a little then every1 leaves then we go to bed. And thats how we spend easter every year, i love it and culdnt want it ne other way.


feki54 said...

Please add pictures