Friday, April 17, 2009

A walk down the road

Today for blogging class kumu feki taught us a bunch of random things people wouldnt normally know unless they were trained to, he taught us about url, html, etc. he also took us down the road without explaining where we were going, he asked us about the different types of trees and their names. He took us to the kaneohe district courthouse which is a little down the road from our school, a couple minutes walk. There was a giant statue of a fisherman and his wife and child. The fisherman was holding a paddle in his hand. The statue is to represent the law of the splintered paddle, and it was not a coincidence that it was on the lawn of the courthouse. He told us the story behind the statue and the law, King Kamehameha tried to steal fish from the fisherman and his wife, because the fisherman did not know it was the king and out of love and protection from his family, he took the paddle he had in his hand and hit Kamehameha on the head. When Kamehameha woke up he had realized that it was wrong to steal and pick on the innocent, that is how the law was created.