Friday, May 1, 2009

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My FaV bEaCh

My ultimate favorite beach is is waimea, i love it more than any other beach. I would never turn down a chance to go to waimea beach. I remember me and my whole well not my WHOLE family but the part of the family i know, used to go to that beach almos every weekend. We wuld leave the hous super early in the morn and come bak late at nite, it was the awesomeness. Ive got so many memories while being at dat beach, im actually kinda sad now cuz i havent gone in a looooonnnngggg time. I think im goin 2 try and go more frequently, espcecially during the summer =).

Friday, April 17, 2009

A walk down the road

Today for blogging class kumu feki taught us a bunch of random things people wouldnt normally know unless they were trained to, he taught us about url, html, etc. he also took us down the road without explaining where we were going, he asked us about the different types of trees and their names. He took us to the kaneohe district courthouse which is a little down the road from our school, a couple minutes walk. There was a giant statue of a fisherman and his wife and child. The fisherman was holding a paddle in his hand. The statue is to represent the law of the splintered paddle, and it was not a coincidence that it was on the lawn of the courthouse. He told us the story behind the statue and the law, King Kamehameha tried to steal fish from the fisherman and his wife, because the fisherman did not know it was the king and out of love and protection from his family, he took the paddle he had in his hand and hit Kamehameha on the head. When Kamehameha woke up he had realized that it was wrong to steal and pick on the innocent, that is how the law was created.

Spring Break

This spring break i had a lot to do, i had lots of family get togethers, homework, and social events with my boyfriend and friends. I didnt do as much homework as i had hoped and in the long run it made things a little more difficult for me. Atleast i spent a lot of time with family and friends. During easter me and my family do many things, its tradition to wake up in the morning to your easter baskets and have an easter breakfast or sometimes jus pig out on chocolate. The traditions dont stop ther, we clean the house a bit to prepare for the party later that nite, and the adults start preparing to cook the food for the party, early afternoon the whole family and some friends of family go to Ho'omaulahia park and have an easter egg hunt with the eggs that we made the day before, my uncle's make a carton of golden eggs and for every golden egg u find, u get a dollor, ther is one golden egg with a pink number five on it, dats the egg dats worth five dollors, i didnt find it this year, instead i found four one dollor eggs so it was a fair price to pay for not finding the five dollor egg. Afta we are done we all go back to the house and finish cooking the food, slowly all the other guests arrive and later maybe aroun seven we all say grace then feast on the table full of food, afta dat we all hang out a little then every1 leaves then we go to bed. And thats how we spend easter every year, i love it and culdnt want it ne other way.

Friday, March 13, 2009

1st Time

My 1st time blogging, YAY!!. I always thought it'd be cool to do this kinda stuff and now i finally know how. I want to thank Kumu Feki for teaching us this because if he hadn't come to this school and decided to teach us this i probably never would of learned how to blog so THANK YOU KUMU FEKI!=). I hope others like my blog and i'll try to make it as interesting as cool as possible. I'll most likely be making blogs about useful things too, like information on certain things that i study here at Hakipu'u Learning Center so check out my other blogs too when you get the chance.
Mahalo Kakou,